Englewood Animal Rescue Sanctuary

500 N. Indiana Avenue
Englewood, FL  34223
Tue. – Sat., 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
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foster mom and foster dog

Foster homes are the safety net for dogs in transition.  Foster homes provide a stable environment for the dogs.  A calm, knowledgeable, well-matched foster family can continue to socialize the dogs, reinforce good behaviors, and minimize trauma.

All food, necessary care items, medical treatment, and medications are provided by EARS to the foster family.

The shelter manager alerts the foster family if there is an interest in their foster dog and helps make arrangements for a “meet and greet,” either in the foster home or on-site at the Adoption Center.  Fosters can share insights on their pet with potential adopters, as well as consider whether the potential adopters are a good match for their foster dog.

Foster families are occasionally asked to accompany their foster dog to a general “meet and greet,” held at the Adoption Center/Pet Store or to a special event in which EARS is participating.

Contact EARS at (941) 681-3877 for more information on becoming a foster.