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Prepare Your Pets for Disasters

dog in water after a stormYour pets are important members of your family! This is why they should be included in your family’s emergency plan.

To prepare for the unexpected, keep your pets in mind as you follow these tips:
  1. Make a plan.
  2. Build an emergency kit.
  3. Stay informed.

Make a Plan

If you have a plan in place for you and your pets, you will likely encounter less difficulty, stress, and worry when you need to make a decision during an emergency.
  • Know what to do with your pet during an evacuation. Many public shelters and hotels do not allow pets inside. Know a safe place where you can take your pets before disasters and emergencies happen.
  • Develop a buddy system. Plan with neighbors, friends, or relatives to make sure that someone is available to care for or evacuate your pets if you are unable to do so.
  • Have copies of your pet’s vaccination record, and make sure your pet is microchipped. Keep your address and phone number up-to-date and include an emergency contact outside your immediate area.
  • Keep contact information for your local emergency management office or animal control office and shelters on hand in case you become separated from your pet.

Build a Kit for Your Pet

Just as you do with your family’s emergency supply kit, think first about the basics for survival. Review your kit regularly to ensure that its contents are fresh. pets safe on blanket
    • Food and Water. Keep several days’ supply of both.
    • Keep food in an airtight, waterproof container, and have a water bowl to use.
    • Medicine. Keep an extra supply of the medicine your pet takes on a regular basis in a waterproof container.
    • First aid kit. Include items appropriate for your pet’s emergency medical needs.
    • Backup collar with ID tag and a harness or leash. Have copies of your pet’s registration information in a waterproof container and available electronically.
    • Traveling bag, crate, or sturdy carrier for each pet.
    • Grooming items. Pet shampoo and other items, in case your pet needs some cleaning up.
    • A picture of you and your pet together. If you become separated from your pet, a picture will help you document ownership and allow others to assist you in identifying your pet.
    • Sanitation needs. Include pet litter and litter boxes, trash bags, and other items to provide for your pet’s sanitation needs.
    • Familiar items. Put favorite toys, treats, or bedding in your kit to reduce stress for your pets.

Stay Informed

Stay informed of current conditions and know how you will receive emergency alerts and warnings. Download the FEMA app to get weather alerts for up to five different locations anywhere in the United States. Always bring your pets indoors at the first sign or warning of a storm. For more information about how to prepare your pets, visit Ready.gov/pets.

Physical Fitness For Dogs

Physical Fitness is as Important for Dogs as it is for People

Canines that maintain good physical health tend to live longer lives. Regular exercise keeps their cardiovascular system robust, reducing the risk of heart-related issues. This simple investment in playtime can significantly extend your dog’s life and quality.

dog running with ballAs dogs age, just like humans, they become susceptible to joint problems and arthritis. Regular movement and exercise help maintain joint flexibility. It’s a preventive measure that can save your dog from discomfort in their golden years.

Beyond the physical benefits, a fit dog is a mentally healthy dog. Regular exercise not only burns off excess energy but also stimulates their minds. Mental stimulation is crucial for preventing boredom and destructive behaviors. A stimulated dog is less likely to engage in undesirable activities like chewing furniture or excessive barking.

Moreover, a well-conditioned dog tends to be more adaptable and sociable. Socializing during walks or playtime in the park exposes them to various environments, people, and other dogs. This helps build their confidence and reduces the likelihood of behavioral issues.

An often overlooked aspect is weight management. Due to our poor-quality food chain, obesity is a prevalent issue in humans but also among dogs, leading to a myriad of health problems. Regular exercise and a balanced quality diet are key to maintaining an optimal weight for your dog. It’s a proactive approach to prevent obesity-related conditions like diabetes and joint stress.

small dog runningIncorporating fitness into your dog’s routine doesn’t require elaborate equipment. Simple activities like brisk walks, fetching, or agility games can do wonders. Tailoring the exercise routine to your dog’s breed, age, and health status ensures it’s both enjoyable and safe.

As a responsible dog owner, prioritize your dog’s fitness and schedule regular play sessions, or walks.  Remember, a tired dog is a happy dog. Their overall well-being is in your hands!

To summarize, canine fitness is a simple and easy approach to ensure your dog’s health and happiness. The benefits range from physical well-being and injury prevention to mental stimulation and social adaptability. By investing time in your dog’s fitness, you’re not just extending their life; you’re enhancing the quality of the years they have. Enjoy this time with your companion.

(excert from Peace River Search & Rescue spring ’24 newsletter)

Preparing Yourself and Your Family for a New Pet

adoptable doggyBefore you take the leap.

Before you take the leap of adopting a new pet, you might consider fostering a dog or cat from Englewood Animal Rescue Sanctuary. Stop by our headquarters at 500 North Indianna Avenue in Englewood, FL to learn more  about adopting or fostering a new family member.

Find a pet that fits your family and lifestyle.

You need to ask yourself (and the people you live with!) how will a dog or cat fit into our life?

  • Are you an outdoor enthusiast and want to take your best furry bud with you?  Find a dog that will be able to take long hikes, sleep in a tent, hang out in the canoe. Sometimes you can train a cat to do these things too, but we don’t recommend it as a starting point!
  • Do you live in a small space, like an apartment? A smaller breed of dog or a cat might be easier to live with.
  • Are you away from home all day? Some breeds of dogs have eparation anxiety, especially those that end up in shelters. The last thing you want is to learn from your neighbors that your dogs is whining and barking all day while you are gone.
  • Do you like a lot of quiet time? A cat, who will likely be very independent, might be the perfect new companion.

Changes In Your Lifestyle

Think about the life you live now and how your new dog or cat will fit into it and what changes you will have to make to accommodate this new family member. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a new pet:

  • Energy Level – of you and the pet
  • Size when fully grown
  • Relating to other animals and children
  • Noise level of the pet

Ensure everyone knows who is responsible for the care of your pet.  If it’s just you, make sure you are ready to handle everything on your own.


  • Who will feed them?
  • Who will clean-up after them?
  • Who will check in on them during the day?
  • Who will ensure they get lots of daily exercise?

Donate to EARS and Make a Difference

We are beyond thrilled to announce that we have been accepted as a non-profit supported by the Flanzer Trust. This trust provides 100% matching funds for any donations between $5 and $500 made to us through them. We are listed as EARS Animal Rescue on their site.


The mission of the Flanzer Philanthropic Trust is to enhance the life of the people of the Suncoast through social services and healthcare initiatives.

There are many ways you can donate:

Monetary donations:

  • Matched through Flanzer Trust
  • Through Pay Pal
  • By Phone, call: 941-681-3877 using your credit or debit card.
  • By Mail: Please make checks payable to EARS Animal Rescue, 500 N. Indiana Avenue, Englewood, FL 34223
  • By participating in online giving challenges.

Donate your car or boat:

EARS is now accepting donations of cars and boats, a great way to help pets in need.  If you are interested in donating, please contact EARS for details at englewoodanimalrescue@yahoo.com

Through Amazon:

Amazon Smile:  We are a 501(c)(3) charity.  Make EARS your Amazon Smile charity and a portion of your purchase is donated to EARS!

EARS Amazon Wish list of items that our rescue always needs:

EARS is always in need of:

  • Purina One Dry Cat Food
  • Purina Canned Cat Food – Fancy Feast Pate
  • Unscented laundry detergent
  • Bleach
  • Windex
  • Libman mop heads
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Kitty Litter
  • Paper towels

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Welcome to EARS – A Volunteer based sanctuary for homeless and abandoned pets.

EARS is a volunteer-based organization.  The Pet Store, Adoption Center, Thrift Store, and Special Events thrive and succeed only with the help of volunteers!  Volunteers may assist:

  • Customers in the Pet Store
  • Answer phones for the Pet Store / Adoption Center
  • Act as a cat caregiver or cuddler
  • At the Thrift Store: sort and display merchandise, and manage the sales register.
  • At events, volunteers help with setup, take down, and answering questions about EARS.

Stop by the Pet Store / Adoption Center to fill out an application or print it here and bring it in. 

In some instances, even an hour a week can fill the time needed.

Volunteers must be sixteen years or older.